Month: September 2016

Retailers Have Just 19 Days’ Cash Reserves

Financial Reports New Study Focuses on Small Business Cash Flow 27 Days. That's how long it would take a typical small business to deplete it's cash reserves if revenue suddenly stopped flowing in, according to a new study. It's even shorter for some businesses (19 days for retailers, a mere 16 days for restaurants). That's not much [...]

2016 Mid-Year Economic Report Released

Small Business Economic Report Chart Small Businesses Report Mixed Financial Outlook The National Small Business Association released its Mid-Year Economic Report earlier this week. Highlighting survey results from polling small business owners across the country, the report provides a glimpse of the current economic conditions of America's small businesses. According to the NSBA, small businesses comprise 99.7 percent of all employer [...]

Section 179 Update for 2016

Small Business Section 179 Deductions

How Is Your Small Business Impacted? Thankfully 2016 will not be a repeat of the last two years, where Congress gave small business owners only a few days’ notice regarding how major purchases would impact their 2014 and 2015 taxes. Congress voted in December 2015 to make the higher limits to the Section 179 Deduction permanent, adjusting to inflation. […]


Data Overload

Jenn Mathis

This post is part of a series, “Mind Your Own Small Business,” where we share financial tips and information to help small business owners more effectively manage their small business finances. It is possible to drown your business in data. Every tool wants to inundate you with endless array of ratios charts and percentages. Einstein said […]