Business Capital is a Confusing Marketplace

It Doesn’t Have To Be.

Capital Navigator

Get Clarity with Capital Navigator™

Did you know there are now more capital options than ever before for your business needs? Banks, sba, brokers, online lenders, asset lenders, crowd funding, private equity… the list goes on. It used to be that, if you needed money, you went to the bank. Now you can go online and in hours have money wired to your business account. There are thousands of websites offering small business loan options.

How do you know which option is right for your business?

At One Degree we realized that, as a small business owner, you don’t need yet another loan option – it’s all confusing enough. What you need is help objectively evaluating the options that are out there to determine what’s best you and your business right now.

There has never been a truly objective resource to accomplish that… UNTIL NOW.

Capital Navigator About

Introducing Capital Navigator™

One Degree Capital has developed a system – Capital Navigator – to bring clarity to this confusing marketplace, allowing you to have confidence that the decision you make is truly the right one for your business right now.

Capital Navigator evaluates hundreds of data points to accurately pinpoint how your current capital needs match up with the dozens of capital options available.

In the traditional method, if you felt you needed a loan, you did some research and applied for a loan. Wherever you apply (bank, broker, online, etc) it is the lender’s job to sell their product, so everything you are shown is skewed to sell that lender’s product.

Capital Navigator puts YOU in the capital driver’s seat.

Capital Navigator flips the traditional method around. With Capital Navigator, you provide information about your current business and personal financial situation. Capital Navigator uses a proprietary system to evaluate all your data points and measures each type of capital currently available against your individual needs.

With Capital Navigator, YOUR business needs come first.

Business Capital is a confusing marketplace. It doesn’t have to be. Capital Navigator provides much needed clarity and gives you the confidence you need to make the best capital decision for your business.

How Can Capital Navigator Help You?

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