Author: Jenn Mathis

Expanding Accredited Investor Status Critical for Small Business Capital According to SEC Report

Expanding the categories of qualification for accredited investor status topped the list of recommendations from the 36th annual SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation, according to the just released final report. The SEC holds this forum annually as mandated by the Small Business Investment Incentive Act of 1980.


5 Awesome Ideas for Businesses Who Need Cash Flow Solutions

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Cash flow solutions always seem to be a difficult thing to achieve. Even a healthy business can experience issues with cash flow at one time or another. Below are five ideas to help your business find a solution to your cash flow problems. 1. Understand Your Worth You have a great idea or you are […]


How an Asset Based Loan Can Help Grow Your Business

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Almost any time you go in to apply for a loan, the lender is going to ask what you can offer up as collateral. While unsecured loans exist, most lenders require some sort of promise that your business is worth the money they’re lending to you. The easiest and most efficient way to promise this […]


3 Key Things Government Contractors Must Look For In Any Business Lender

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The unique cash flow and capital needs of a government contractor are complex and subject to ever changing conditions. In the age of FinTech, there is no shortage of ways to obtain fast access to capital. And while they may alleviate short term needs, all too often we (business lenders) find that business owners – […]


Five Things You Should Know About Small Business Lending

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Business lending encompasses such a wide field that knowing who to trust can seem impossible. Whether you’re just starting your business or are a veteran of the business community, there’s always more to learn about business lending. Below are five things you should know about business lending to help you prepare for your business’s future. […]


Software industries see cash flow jump of 25%

software company Quick Summary Georgia Tech’s Financial Analysis Lab recently released a report showing improved cash flow positions for the software and tech hardware industries over the past year. According to the report, the primary drivers for this growth are increased revenue and free cash flow. Out of the 20 groups analyzed, 8 saw an improving cash [...]

Press Release: One Degree Capital will Participate in the National Governor’s Association Roundtable on Entrepreneurship

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Rod Loges, Founder and President of One Degree Capital, will participate in the National Governor’s Association Roundtable on Fostering Entrepreneurship in the States, on December 1st in the nation’s capital. This important discussion will feature representatives from state government, philanthropy, and academics. Rod Loges brings unique expertise to this distinguished group of experts. His experience […]


How Todos Supermarket Found Success By Giving People ‘Their Food’

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By Rod Loges (This article originally appeared in Potomac Local on March 1, 2016) One of the biggest myths in the business world is the concept of the “overnight success.” Many businesses that seem to pop up overnight are, actually, the result of long periods of trial-and-error. I have written before about the need for […]


Trust Me, You Want to Be A Failure First.

By Rod Loges It’s fun to see a group of small business owners form a group, grow, and learn together. These folks wear multiple hats, juggle multiple tasks, work with multiple people, many times across multiple platforms. There is little if anything small about the “small” business owner. At One Degree Capital, we refer to […]


One Wrong Letter Cost $2,000, Ruined a Friendship

By Rod Loges  As I mentioned in my last article, my keg delivery business taught me the value of being diversified. My very determined competitors helped me learn that one (did they really have to flatten all FOUR tires?) By my second year in business, I had added custom-printed shirts to my service offering. That addition […]