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I believe there is no such thing as a “small” business. To me, every business is significant and I enjoy listening and learning their stories.


Founder & President

Many small businesses just need a few thousand dollars to grow, possibly even hire another person. I love being able to help them do that.

Jenn Mathis

Founder & Vice President

The One Degree Promise


We’re in no rush to throw money at you in “one hour or less.” Our goal is to take the time to understand your business and ensure that the financing we provide will truly help your business succeed. Typically we can present you with options within one business day.

Your growing business has unique needs, and we understand that. Our financing solutions are designed with you in mind.


We believe consistent loan payments are in the best interests of business owners, and we do not offer products with varying payments, nor do we take money from your credit card receipts.


Your business is not one-size-fits all, and neither are our financing options. We have several programs designed to meet your particular needs.

At One Degree we realize that, as a small business owner, you don’t need yet another loan option – it’s all confusing enough. What you need is help objectively evaluating the options that are out there to determine what’s best you and your business right now.

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[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″ pause_on_hover=”true” direction_nav=”true”][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Salomon Carias” credentials=”Quality Janitorial Services, Woodbridge, VA” author_image=”474″]I have been doing business with One Degree Capital for 5 years now and it has been a really good experience. I highly recommend them. They make the process simple.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Brandon Skall” credentials=”DCBrau Brewing Company, Washington, DC” author_image=”472″]My experience with One Degree Capital was incredible. It says a lot that they spent the time to learn about the brewing business and helped find financing that best fit to my needs.  I highly recommend One Degree Capital to anyone that may be in need of such services.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Sean Ricks” credentials=”Ricks Roasters, Fredericksburg, VA” author_image=”475″]One Degree came through when others could not. Easy to deal with and truly believe in those they are helping. If you are a small business and need capital, they are the place to go.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Tim Hanson” credentials=”Mission Carpet Care, Roseville, CA” author_image=”473″]Working with One Degree Capital was easy and painless. The staff was on top of all details and communicated with me along the way. I highly recommend One Degree Capital and their fantastic Staff.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide][/lvca_testimonial_slide][/lvca_testimonials_slider]
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