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3 Key Things Government Contractors Must Look For In Any Business Lender

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The unique cash flow and capital needs of a government contractor are complex and subject to ever changing conditions. In the age of FinTech, there is no shortage of ways to obtain fast access to capital. And while they may alleviate short term needs, all too often we (business lenders) find that business owners – […]


Bakefully Yours: Sweet Treats For Everyone

Bakefully Yours

An Interview With Sarah Seligman of Bakefully Yours | THINK YOU CAN’T enjoy sweets on a restricted diet? Sarah has some great – and tasty – news for you! | Who doesn’t love the smell (and taste!) of fresh baked cookies? Sarah Seligman, owner of Bakefully Yours, is counting on that. Whether you stop by […]


A Ramble On The Rue

  By Rod Loges WALKING ON THE SMALLEST RUES (“streets” in French) alongside the Mediterranean Sea in southern France, I happened upon this little boutique in the heart of Montredon, a small fishing village on the outskirts of Marseilles. It’s a place where I would buy a home if I ever moved to Marseilles – everything […]


Small Business, Big Impact

Items from Grandpa Loges' foundry.

What Small Business Saturday Means To Me By Rod Loges I often marvel at the courage and tenacity of Small Business Owners. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by these humble yet strong individuals all my life: my Mom has owned a travel agency for decades, both sets of my Grandparents owned businesses and […]


Small Business Is Big In Southern France

Castellane France This post is part of a series, "Rod's Rambles," where Rod travels the world interviewing small business owners to listen and learn how they turned their passion into profits when starting their own businesses. Bonjour mes amis! I just returned from the beautiful South of France and could not wait to share with you all the wonderful [...]

How Todos Supermarket Found Success By Giving People ‘Their Food’

Todos Supermarket Owner

By Rod Loges (This article originally appeared in Potomac Local on March 1, 2016) One of the biggest myths in the business world is the concept of the “overnight success.” Many businesses that seem to pop up overnight are, actually, the result of long periods of trial-and-error. I have written before about the need for […]


Trust Me, You Want to Be A Failure First.

By Rod Loges It’s fun to see a group of small business owners form a group, grow, and learn together. These folks wear multiple hats, juggle multiple tasks, work with multiple people, many times across multiple platforms. There is little if anything small about the “small” business owner. At One Degree Capital, we refer to […]


One Wrong Letter Cost $2,000, Ruined a Friendship

By Rod Loges  As I mentioned in my last article, my keg delivery business taught me the value of being diversified. My very determined competitors helped me learn that one (did they really have to flatten all FOUR tires?) By my second year in business, I had added custom-printed shirts to my service offering. That addition […]


Lessons in Perseverance From My College Keg Business

By Rod Loges   When I tell people about One Degree Capital, I often hear things like “Oh, I’d love to start my own business doing ‘XYZ’ someday.” To the outsider, it often looks easy to own a business. The reality is that business owners face challenges and surprises all the time. It takes a […]


Pies and Wine So Good, Mom’s Has a Great Business Plan

By Rod Loges There is a perfectly logical reason for the location of Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery and Wine Shop in Occoquan: It is the first place you will want to visit when you pull into town, and also before heading back out of town. Yep, Mom’s is that good. Of course, Mom’s bakes some fantastic pies (second […]