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Founders Know First-Hand The Needs of Small Business Owners


Campus Ad SignRod Loges, President and Founder of One Degree Capital, describes his first business venture and lessons learned: “In college, I started a business that delivered beer kegs to fraternity houses. As you can imagine, it took off! Even the campus administrators supported us because we conducted business in a responsible way. Later we added additional services – ice, party stuff, etc. I learned to listen to our customers and pay close attention to details. Funny how those early lessons stick with you.”

In 2010, Rod and Jenn Mathis (Vice President and fellow Founder) used these same key values in creating One Degree Capital, a privately funded company dedicated to providing small business loans to businesses nationwide. Both Rod and Jenn firmly believe that there is nothing “small” about any business – every business is “Significant” to One Degree Capital.

“When Rod explained the model behind One Degree Capital, I immediately saw the benefit to business owners,” explains Jenn on starting One Degree. “To have just one degree of separation between the business owner and the source of their loan funds provides more opportunity for collaboration and accountability. I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

Occoquan VA Sign
One Degree Capital is headquartered in historic Occoquan, Virginia.

At every opportunity, you will find Rod out in the community listening, learning, and exploring, always looking for more ways One Degree Capital can assist small business owners. When in the office, he shares this knowledge with his team, while continuing to create new ideas and products which fuel One Degree’s vision. Jenn ensures the growth of One Degree Capital through the development of vendor relationships and marketing strategies, continually exploring new ways to attract businesses who would benefit from the services of a private commercial lender. Together, Rod and Jenn, with the help of the great team members at One Degree Capital, work every day to ensure that Significant Business Owners have access to the financial resources they need to grow their businesses.

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