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Secure Your Personal Credit For Only $30

Secure Personal Credit Score

Your Credit Is Valuable to Your Small Business – Protect It!   **This post originally appeared in October 2016 – in light of the latest security breach of Equifax we are reposting it below.**     Yahoo. Verizon. Target (again). Point-of-Sale provider H&L… The list of companies admitting their customer data has been compromised  continues to […]


Data Overload

Jenn Mathis

This post is part of a series, “Mind Your Own Small Business,” where we share financial tips and information to help small business owners more effectively manage their small business finances. It is possible to drown your business in data. Every tool wants to inundate you with endless array of ratios charts and percentages. Einstein said […]


Read This Before You Apply For An SBA Loan

by Jenn Mathis One of the parts of my day that I absolutely love is talking to business owners about their plans. It is so cool to share in their excitement and learn about their passions, and I love working with each of them to explore how best to make their plan a reality. Last week I […]


Are Your Business Banking Habits All Grown Up?

By Jenn Mathis You can tell a lot about people by the way they spend their money. That goes for businesses, too. When a business owner applies for financing, one of the first items lenders request are the most recent business bank statements. Most lenders (including us at One Degree Capital) look at each page of the bank […]


A Lesson Learned The Hard Way: Working ON Your Business vs IN It

by Jenn Mathis How much of your time is spent working ON your business versus IN your business? How much is that costing you? You might be surprised. My customer and friend Patrick sure was, as he explained when he called me this week: Patrick owns a carpet cleaning business. Like a lot of service-related entrepreneurs, […]


How First-Time-Buyer Discounts Can Backfire (and what to do instead)

by Jenn Mathis On the surface it seems like such a great idea – build your customer base by offering a First-Time-Buyer discount. The theory being customers will love your service or product so much that they will come back again. So what if you don’t make a profit on that first sale? You can […]


Recommended Reading: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

There are many, many books devoted to helping would-be entrepreneurs get their business started, but very few authors attempt to describe what it’s like to actually RUN a business day-to-day. The difficult decisions. The pressure. The long hours. And yes, the pure joy of it all. The Hard Thing About Hard Things is largely a […]


Strengthening Your Business’ Bottom Line: Marketing Budget

Create A Winning Marketing Plan To Increase Revenue Without Breaking The Bank by Jenn Mathis The hype around Sunday’s Big Game TV Commercials is in full swing. Don’t have an ad for your business? At $4.5 million for 30 seconds, you’re not alone. If you don’t even know what your business’ marketing budget is for this year… […]