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One Degree Capital Defines The Capital Desert At Meeting of Local Business Owners

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Occoquan, Virginia - July 27, 2015 - Using his own coined term “Capital Desert” during a panel discussion, Rod Loges, Founder and President of One Degree Capital, sought to explain why small business owners have such a hard time getting bank loans. The panel discussion, facilitated by 1 Million Cups Prince William, a local chapter of an entrepreneurial initiative established by the Kauffman Foundation, was well attended by local business owners.

“Business owners have it rough these days,” explained Rod to the attendees. “In 1915, 80% of bank loans went to small businesses, and only 20% to personal loans for things like cars and houses. Today that is completely flipped: only 5% of bank loans support small businesses."

“Today, business owners face a virtual Capital Desert when it comes to finding loans for projects that banks deem ‘too small’ to handle,” Rod continued. “What do they define as ‘too small’? For many banks, any business loan under $1 million dollars just isn’t worth their time and effort. The regulatory costs they are forced to pay are simply too high.”

Rod, who himself built and sold two successful companies prior to starting One Degree Capital, continued, “I believe there is no such thing as a ‘small’ business owner. Every business owner is ‘Significant’ in my eyes. When I started my first tech company and realized how difficult it was to obtain a $50,000 loan from a traditional bank, the idea for One Degree Capital was planted. Our services are needed now more than ever.”


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One Degree Capital, a privately funded lender, helps business owners navigate the “Capital Desert” that exists for nano and micro businesses needing capital to grow their business. One Degree Capital specializes in providing business loans to Significant Business Owners™ nationwide, believing there is nothing “small” about any sized business. Established in 2010, One Degree Capital has provided over $20 million to Significant Business Owners™ utilizing funds from private investors rather than banks. Many of One Degree Capital investors are themselves business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn more at


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