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Elevating Gov-Con Financial Success

At One Degree Financial, our core commitment lies in fortifying Government Contracting (GovCon) enterprises with unwavering financial expertise.


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Step into the realm of GovCon finance where our expertise shines.

At One Degree Financial, we're dedicated to bolstering the financial foundations of Government Contracting (GovCon) entities. Our specialized services in Government Contractor Accounting and financing are designed to meet the unique needs of firms within this sector.


We specialize in setting up comprehensive finance structures scaled for your needs. 

Our expertise isn't just in numbers; it's in creating comprehensive financial frameworks that are perfectly scaled to meet the demands of GovCon ventures. As your trusted advisors in Government Contractor Accounting, One Degree Financial is synonymous with reliability and strategic insight. From establishing cash-sweep systems to executing precise payroll management, we are your steadfast allies in guiding your GovCon journey to success.


Strategic Government Contractor Accounting and Advisory

Embrace the pinnacle of GovCon bookkeeping, where advanced technology meets financial acumen. Our Government Contract Financing services are augmented by our integration with top-tier platforms like QuickBooks, Gusto, and Expensify, ensuring impeccable financial coordination. Beyond simple automation, our sophisticated software actively identifies discrepancies, scrutinized and fine-tuned by our GovCon finance specialists. The outcome is a suite of financial statements characterized by unmatched precision, offering you the clarity to drive your GovCon enterprise towards substantial growth and lasting impact.

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