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Amplifying Financial Resilience for Non-Profits

Our suite of Financial Monitoring, Accounting Services, CFO Services, and Business Financing is meticulously designed to elevate financial clarity and sustainability for nonprofits.


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At One Degree Financial, our commitment to the non-profit sector runs deep.

We understand the distinct challenges faced by non-profit entities in clarifying financials, enhancing valuations, and securing vital capital. Our tailored services extend beyond conventional numbers, delivering monthly statements infused with critical insights. These insights, akin to your non-profit's "financial pulse," empower stakeholders to steer towards sustained growth and impact.

navigating nonprofit finance

Our approach ensures the setup of comprehensive financial structures scaled precisely to your non-profit's mission.

Imagine streamlined accounting services, meticulous payroll, and expense management—our commitment is to be your dedicated partner in amplifying financial sustainability within the non-profit sphere.


Experience modern non-profit bookkeeping powered by cutting-edge technology.

Seamlessly integrated with platforms like QuickBooks, Gusto, and Expensify, our systems ensure seamless synchronization with your financial accounts. Yet, our commitment to precision surpasses automation—our advanced software auto-categorizes and flags errors, meticulously reviewed and customized by your non-profit finance expert. The result? Monthly financial statements boasting unmatched accuracy, freeing you to focus on driving impact through your non-profit initiatives.

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