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Visionary Guidance:
Kevin's Winning Exit Strategy

Mastering the End-Game Deal with One Degree Financial


One Degree has been a "consultant, advisor, friend, holding my hand along the way... [guiding me through] valuation, negotiation and terms to accept...selling the business that I built over 10 years ago...”

Kevin O'Connell, Founder of FYN Creative

The decision to sell FYN Creative coincided with a major personal milestone for Kevin: the adoption of his two sons within an 18-month period. His priorities shifted towards family, sparking the need for a business solution that balanced personal satisfaction with professional responsibility. Kevin faced the intricate challenge of valuing his agency, negotiating the sale terms, and ensuring a smooth transition—all while maintaining the operational excellence FYN Creative was known for.

At this pivotal moment, One Degree Financial stepped in to provide bespoke financial advisory services tailored to Kevin’s unique needs. Their expert team conducted an in-depth valuation of FYN Creative, guided Kevin through the negotiation process, and connected him with legal resources to finalize the deal. One Degree Financial's comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of the sale was meticulously planned and executed, aligning with Kevin’s financial goals and lifestyle aspirations. 

With One Degree Financial’s guidance, Kevin successfully navigated the complexities of the sale, which not only met but exceeded his financial expectations. The acquisition by DD Studio allowed FYN Creative to expand its capabilities while preserving its boutique essence, a testament to the strategic alignment facilitated by One Degree Financial. This transition set a new standard for how creative agencies can leverage financial advisory to achieve optimal business outcomes.

Choosing One Degree Financial means engaging a team that goes beyond the role of advisors to act as genuine partners and advocates for your business’s success. Their comprehensive approach ensures that every decision you make is not only informed but also strategically sound.


Meet Kevin O’Connell, Founder of FYN Creative

Founded in 2014 by Kevin O’Connell, FYN Creative distinguished itself as a boutique creative agency in Washington D.C., specializing in video production, fundraising, and digital storytelling. Their commitment to authenticity and creativity enabled them to produce engaging content that not only told stories but moved people to action. As Kevin prepared to transition to a strategic advisory role following the acquisition of FYN Creative by DD Studio, the challenge was not only to secure his financial future but also to ensure the agency’s legacy and client relationships were preserved.

Over the last several years of knowing Rod and his team... [they have assisted] with subcontractor agreements, workforce accounting, financials, and just overall visionary thinking of the business. From growth, selling, day to day... cannot recommend him and his team enough.

Kevin O'Connell, Founder of FYN Creative

At One Degree Financial, we excel in providing specialized financial advisory services that empower SaaS and small businesses to achieve and surpass their financial goals. Founded in 2010, One Degree Financial has become a trusted partner for businesses aiming to expand their operations and increase profitability. Our suite of services includes in-depth financial accounting, strategic advising, and tailored SaaS advisory solutions. Each service is designed to offer precise, actionable insights essential for business performance and growth.

Our dedicated team ensures that every financial decision is informed by robust analytics, from profitability analysis to cash flow forecasting, aligning with your company's objectives. By partnering with One Degree Financial, you gain access to a team committed to your business’s success, helping you navigate the complexities of the financial landscape with confidence and clarity.


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