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Veteran Entrepreneurs

Supporting Those Who Served: Empowering and Uplifting Veteran-Owned Businesses


Honor, Support, and Empower Veteran Entrepreneurs.

At One Degree Financial, we are driven by a deep-seated commitment to honor and support the brave individuals who have served our nation and ventured into entrepreneurship. Led by founders Rod and Jenn Loges, our dedication to Veteran Entrepreneurs is more than a pledge—it's a tangible reality. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing scholarships dedicated to the education of Veteran families, strategic partnerships with esteemed Veteran-focused nonprofits like PenFed Foundation, VFW, and American Legion posts, and personal investment of time and mentorship from Rod and Jenn, we stand firm in our resolve to empower and uplift Veteran-owned businesses.


Rod and Jenn Loges are not just founders; they're hands-on supporters of the Veteran Entrepreneur community. Their dedication extends beyond the boardroom, as they generously donate their time, providing mentorship, guidance, and expertise to empower Veteran Entrepreneurs in their journey towards success.


Investing in Future Leaders


Veteran Legacy

Our core values center around honoring the legacies of Veteran Entrepreneurs, driving us to create and sponsor a dedicated scholarship program.



This initiative supports the education of children from Veteran Entrepreneur families as they enter university or pursue technical/trade education.


Future Leaders

This commitment reflects our investment in future leaders and stands as a sincere tribute to the unwavering service of those who've served our nation.

Partnerships with Veteran-Focused Nonprofits

Building Bridges for Empowerment

We're deeply involved with esteemed organizations like PenFed Foundation, VFW, and American Legion posts, actively contributing our financial expertise and guidance to support Veteran Entrepreneurship initiatives. By collaborating with these non-profits, we strive to empower and uplift Veteran-owned businesses through financial clarity and strategic advice.

PenFed Foundation








A Legacy of Service and Entrepreneurship

For Rod and Jenn, the connection to Veteran Entrepreneurship is deeply personal. Jenn's father, a Navy combat Veteran of the Vietnam War, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship—a legacy that fuels their commitment. Furthermore, Rod's grandfathers, both WWII Veterans, jointly bestowed upon him his officer bars. His own service in the Army National Guard further underscores the profound respect for service and entrepreneurship instilled by their legacy. 

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Our Pledge: Empowering Veteran Entrepreneurs

At One Degree Financial, our dedication goes beyond financial services; it's a commitment to honor the sacrifice, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit of Veterans. Through partnerships, scholarships, and personal involvement, we aim to empower Veteran Entrepreneurs, ensuring their success and legacy thrive.

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