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Jenn Loges

For over 15 years I have helped more than 5,000 businesses secure over $100 million in capital for start-up costs, expansions, real estate purchases, equipment, working capital and many more. In 2010 I co-founded One Degree Capital with one goal in mind: to be the nation’s most trusted advisor to small business owners. Looking to grow your business? Not sure what route is best? Let’s talk and figure it out together!

Episode 4: 5 Proactive Steps To Take NOW

We are monitoring the developments of COVID-19 and its impact, in particular, on Virginia...

Episode 1 - SBA Disaster Loans: What Every Business Owner Needs To Know

I sat down with Ennis Legacy Partners this morning to discuss the very latest updates:

How Valuable Are Your Accounts Receivable?

If "cash is king" then receivables would be the dashing young prince chomping at the bit to take...

Does Your Business Have The Right Banking Relationship? Here's How To Tell

We all wish we had George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life as our personal banker. The president...

Searching For A Business Line of Credit? Forget Interest Rate - Check Your Total Cost of Capital

Pop Quiz: If you loaned someone $100 and they paid you back $115 thirty days later, what rate did...

How Much Cash Reserve Does Your Business Need?

Nearly every day we receive a call from at least one business owner who is frantic about cash flow....

Steps To Secure Your Personal Credit

Your Credit Is Valuable to Your Small Business - Protect It!

 **This post originally appeared in...

It Can Take a Village: One Degree Capital’s Community Lending Program

“Children are one-third of our population and all our future” - Anonymous

Wrong Capital at the Wrong Time

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” - Bruce Lee

Data Overload

It is possible to drown your business in data. Every tool wants to inundate you with endless array...