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Sharing is Caring: How Businesses Can Give Back to Charities

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One day not long ago a Dad was getting his daughters ready for school, and he couldn’t figure out why the lunch foods were almost gone. It was only halfway through the week and already they were low on lunch meat.

The next morning he found his daughter making two lunches. When asked what she was doing, she shared that another student’s mom was very ill, and her dad was usually too tired and too busy to make lunch. So this little seven-year-old took it upon herself to start bringing this other student lunch every day. That little seven-year-old girl was my daughter, Olivia, now 14.

It is amazing how much we can learn from our kids and their wonderful hearts full of willingness to share (as long as it is not with their siblings). Sharing really is caring.

Prince William County is home to a number of caring businesses that share their success with a variety of dedicated not-for-profit organizations.

Here at One Degree Capital, we donate roughly 2% of our annual profits to charitable causes throughout the year. In the past, the charities were chosen either by me (usually from seeing a need in the community) or by a charity approaching us for corporate sponsorship of an event.

Both ways have been great, but as I am all about “One Degree Relationships” I started to wonder what charities our team members would choose. So at a recent team meeting, I announced a new charitable program where our team members get to decide which charity we support monthly.

I asked the group, “So, team, where should we start? What are your ‘One Degree Communities?’”

Our team member Caitlin Hughes was excited to offer the first suggestion.

“As a survivor of Aplastic Anemia myself, it would mean a lot to me if One Degree Capital would support The Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, “ explained Caitlin. “The Foundation makes it possible to bring awareness and education to local communities regarding bone marrow failure, and donations help support continual research of these diseases. The Foundation’s efforts really helped me through a tough time in my life.”

We all agreed that was the perfect place to start!

I encourage other business owners to find unique and valuable ways to give back to our community throughout the year. A great resource regarding local charitable organizations who need our support is Volunteer Prince William.

Here are a few great nonprofits here in Prince William County:

The Streetlightserves the poor and the homeless.

ACTS – Action in Community Through Service of Prince William, Inc. operates a food pantry and other services (ACTS)

Prince William SPCA(my daughter’s favorite charity) helps homeless animals.

Sharing is indeed caring. What are some other ideas on how businesses can give back to their own “One Degree Community?”